In the Studio | This Summer Snapshots

September 9, 2013

This summer truly went in a rush. I'm shifting through photos and thinking of all the new ketubot I've yet to share here, and it's a bit overwhelming. There's a lot more to it than I realized and a lot more to do than this time last year. Which is pretty neat, my business is a business and it's growing, thankfully. But I'm a bit behind. Inventory control, accounting, staff management, client communication, editing and printing, not to mention actually papercutting and shipping orders - that's a lot. Feels like WOODLAND PAPERCUTS is outgrowing me, and I'm still only one woman. I read a lot about time management and how to keep your home business in balance with your personal life, but I have to admit I can't bring myself to practice any of it.

I am thinking of taking a few days break in November, though. It's a vague sort of concept, I don't think I'll actually go through with it, but who knows.

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Photos taken from my instagram stream | @woodlandpapercuts 

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