Life Lesson | Don't cut when you are angry

April 29, 2013

I'd like to say I am infallible, but unfortunately that's not true. Sometimes there are bad days, like today, and I need to take a deep breath and look at something beautiful like this view.

Take this as a life lesson: Do not papercut when angry. Because when you papercut when you're frustrated you can make a mistake on the very last cut when a papercut is all but finished. Very last, no joke. And then when you're angry and try to fix it you can rip the delicate paper. Because sometimes 12 hours of work can just end like that. With a beautiful and intricate papercut mocking you from the paper bin.

Deep breath.

And then you get hit with a power outage so you can't work and have nothing to do but go to bed. Sometimes there are days like that.

And then a beautiful photo like Kevin Russ's Foggy Forest Creek really helps.

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