I don't believe it myself

February 20, 2013

Whoa, I've got big news!

I'm moving! After three busy and wonderful years in Tel Aviv, I'll be moving 4 hours up North to Kiryat Shmonah. If you know Israel, the usual response to this statement is an eyebrow raise. To be fair, my folks live there. And it's cheap...er. It's a huge life style change, one I'm sure I'll struggle with a bit once I'm there, but I'm keeping my eye on the big picture - saving up enough in two years to make a downpayment on a mortgage for an apartment in Tel Aviv. Realistic? Check back with me in two years.

After months of going back and forth on moving out my landlord called me up last week to say he's willing to let me move at long last and has found a replacement. With only two weeks before the new tenant moves in I went into overdrive - got myself up North for a few days and found a place - a brand new three rooms apartment with an outdoor space at half the cost of my Tel Aviv studio! Now I'm back and having to handle all the details of a move (closing utilities, change of address, change of vendors, furniture and equipment shopping & selling, packing up, movers and painters...) while working. I have to admit I am not handling it well at all. It could be I'll have to carry my stuff on my back by foot, the way things are going.

7 days until the move.

The shop will be closed from February 28th, but I hope to open it on March 5th. I can be reached by email in the meantime at woodlandpapercuts{at}gmail{dot}com, though I won't be able to respond immediately.

See you on the other side!

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