{I WANT} Studio Candy

January 24, 2013

Studio candy. That's what I call all those pretty, shiny things that only other crafters and paper lovers will go gaga over. Pretty folders, a nifty stamp collection, a new drawers set, by god those pretty decorative scissors and paper roll stand and that clipboard and that letterpress notepad! ... Ahem. You get my drift.

It's design with function.

And there are things I desperately need to improve my work, too. Thank goodness they look really awesome as well.

I've been thinking about investing in a big new lightbox to replace my handmade one, which is too small for me, very bulky, and operates on one finkly neon lightbulb. But all I knew were other mammoth light tables, the kind you see in photography studios and csi shows... And then I saw on Teagan White's instagram account this amazing invention called a LightPad - it's LED! It's flat and portable! I'm sold!

Last year I've started producing some of my ketubot and invitations with a laser. That is, paying a professional studio to cut my illustrations. Remember the cards? It is a good and fast solution in a lot of cases, but I also am not very comfortable with the lack of control. So I've had my eye on the Silhouette Cameo cutting machine for a few months now. I just have no room for it at the moment!

Both products are not sold in Israel. I have no idea how they'll work for me, but I'm pretty positive I'll get a use for them. It's a gamble when I can't road test it, or even look at it in a shop before I purchase, but that's what optimism is for:)

I plan on buying the two this year, after I move to a bigger space. I'm really excited about this!

LightPad by Artograph is sold in 4 sizes. Price range $100-350
Silhouette Cameo cutting machine is priced at $300
You can get deals on Amazon for both.

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