{In the Studio} Bespoke Designs

July 4, 2012

Sometimes, no matter how much I enjoy my work, it's hard. I get stuck. I wish I could say I have a solution for creative blocks, but no such luck. I don't even have a system. Sometimes I draw directly into the computer. Sometimes I draw on paper and scan it in. Most times I do both in a long and convoluted process that even to me makes no sense. Sometimes, I struggle with bespoke orders. Maybe scheduling three bespoke designs a week was a bit excessive.

After two days of staring at the computer, dragging one vector flower from here to there, I finally broke down and printed the text to draw directly on paper. It went much easier! The romatic Pride & Prejudice playing in a loop in the background and the two bottles of ice coffee in me might have had a part in it, too.

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