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March 31, 2012

It's 5:40 in the morning and while I failed to make any real progress with my papercuts, I have finally finally been able to cross out a big job that's been on my To-Do list for months. New blog design! (sorta)

I overhauled the blog (just a smidgen), making it in fitting with my new visual identity and hopefully making this space look more like a mini-site than a blog. I think the translation from inspiration board to visual identity went superbly, don't you? (you can see the logo mid-process here.) Well, I did try. I do want this place to look more put together than how I feel on a daily basis.

The blog now boasts new pages where you can see pictures of the wedding collections. The page I'm most happy with is the SHOPS page. The sidebar was getting a little crowded. Followers will notice that a new reseller has been added and that lasercut invitation sets will be available for sale shortly not only in the WOODLAND PAPERCUTS shops, but through Urban Collective (for US & Canada) and LaserCut4 (for Israel). More on that as things progress.

I am disappointed with myself, though. Other control freaks can sympathize - you know you can't do it, having that chore go unchecked for months proves it, you want to let it go, let it be done by someone else while you put your feet up and relax - but you physically can't. I still don't know how it happened that I spent an entire day on this. It just started to look like to bigger hassle to delegate - oh, the anxiety! - than do it myself. I realize the fault in my reasoning. At this pace I'll always be chasing after deadlines, to say nothing of the sad state of my laundry, or dirty floor, or empty fridge... I want to be like I imagine other bloggers live - sitting in immaculately curated spaces, wearing all those beautiful clothes that make me want to weep (neon and glittery nails included), nibbling on mouth-watering sweets and treats, and working oh so calmly through the day. As opposed to me, in my pajamas and slippers, a stained iMac (how do you get that screen clean?!), a cluttered desk, with 3 calendars around me all saying that I'm late late LATE. Damn you glossy blogs, you make me want to buy new furniture, put my hair up in a messy bun, paint my nails in neon and glitter, wear uncomfortable high heels and ombre tights, and move to Sweden, where all the apartments are so casually just perfect! 

But until then, I'm making this post to spin this neurotic day as an accomplishment. One less post-it note is taped to my monitor now - Yes! Now I can stress myself with all the tasks I should have done today. Next project up: product photography.

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