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September 23, 2011

Yesterday I finally had a products photo shoot set up.
A Canon EOS-D camera, Photoshop CS3, and 4 hours later, I have 710 pictures to choose from. We clearly weren't stingy. Or good editors.

The sad thing is, not all of my papercuts were photographed. I still have no idea how I'll be able to recreate these results in my own studio. Especially now that winter has rolled in (first rain just this morning!). I'm thinking of buying a giant canvas, taping my papercuts to it and taking the whole thing to the street for quick pictures and bystanders gawking when the time comes. And possibly exchanging my Olympus point-and-shoot camera with the Sony DSC camera I used to have but is now somewhere in the Far East on a trip with my twin. I like my Olympus, but it can really only take good pictures in fantastic lighting, which I don't have. I thought I did, but big windows and overhead lighting are apparently not it. Hot damn.

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