Custom ketubah

June 12, 2011

A day late, but here's a glimpse at what I was working on last week.

A friend from university called me 2-3 months ago to tell me she's getting married. I showed the card I sent them then here. She asked me to make a papercut ketubah for her. I was very flattered she even entertained the notion to let me do this, and jumped at the chance to give such an awesome wedding present.

She gave me the text, and wanted something A3 size. Her brief said deer, trees, and woodland creatures. Since I needed to send her a draft I opted to draw it directly on my iMac. I wanted something that'll match the card I sent them (pictured above). She was very receptive to what I came up with. After a few quick changes, the final result was this:

Ayelet & Kobi are getting married this Tuesday in Jerusalem. Congratulations you guys!

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