Scrap packaging

May 1, 2011

I admit as much as I love packaging and gift wrapping (to me they're one and the same) I don't have a lot of supply to make them. These things are not readily available in Israel, you have to be resourceful to find the materials to accomplish some of the beautiful things I've seen people make. I buy everything online. And for paper, I use what I have in my studio. Like the newspaper sheets I use when I made engravings, or the watercolor paper scraps left from my illustrations. A few stamps here and there, a piece of wood, a cotton twine, a sticker left over from one of my projects, and there you have it - a wrapped package ready to be gifted. 

{Images: a rustic and strong packaging of my artist book to mail out to a client | a sweet patterned gift wrap of a friend's birthday present}