Paper crisis

March 26, 2011

I'm having a flashback to two years ago when the paper brand I was obsessed with ran out nation-wide. I thought I learned my lesson. Well, now I have at least 100 sheets of the 400 g/m2 paper stock I used for my papercut book, but only 1 sheet left of the paper I use for my papercuts now, and after a month of my supplier leading me on it seems once again there's shortage. My fault for trusting everything will work out, but yesterday I ran around to different shops and made calls and a speciality shop in Jerusalem said they can make a bulk order for me. Of course my control issue is making it doubly hard, because I need to be there in person to select only the best paper sheets they have, find a way to transport them to a workshop to be cut, and all without getting them dimpled, wrinkled, or smudged. When papercutting you can't cover-up those kinds of imperfections. Did I mention I'm the definition of a weakling? I'm going to feel this for a week. I hope come Sunday I'll have a solution, I'm becoming desperate. Also, it's becoming agonizingly obvious I need to start exercising. Ouch.

Want to know how this story ends? IT AIN'T PRETTY.