February 1, 2011

This year a lot of fellow bloggers have written a list of their accomplishments in 2010. I found it very inspiring. I don't feel like I reached my creative and professional potential in 2010, but I did do plenty, in the end, to bring me closer to it in 2011: I received my BA degree, was a featured seller on etsy, was featured on several design & illustration blogs, designed ketubahs for a leading brand, participated in two group exhibitions, moved to Tel-Aviv to live roommate free, bought an iMac, had my first retail job, was featured in a printed magazine, and started freelance work.

This year is very goal oriented. Instead of dragging my feet after vague achievements, I've decided to make a list of concrete goals, prompted by Brittni from Paper & Stitch. Putting goals to paper is very helpful. It gave me a clear idea of what I want, what I can accomplish, and also, in my mind, committed me to accomplishing those goals. Whether I think they’re out of reach or not, I can’t talk my self out of trying for them now that they’re staring me in the face everyday. I love that. All I really have to do, is not talk myself out of trying.


Links: Writing a Business Plan from the Etsy Shop Makeover Series. I took a Studio Management course while in school and this plan is a lot like the one they had us do as an exercise. When you're an artist it's very hard to shift your thought process into a business mindset. Everyone I know under-evaluate their work, don't know how to describe their work or their goals. If they make a living out of it they attribute it to luck rather than know-how. I am no different, which is even worse because I know I can do different. Making a business plan gets you thinking of your art as a business, helps to propel you forward. I certainly intend to apply myself this year to make a clearer picture of my business.

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