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My name is Naomi Shiek (pronounced CHIC).
I create papercut ketubot for private clients in the Nouveau Judaica style.

What is a ketubah, you ask? A KETUBAH is a decorative marriage covenant used and exhibited in Jewish, non-denominational and non-traditional weddings and commitment ceremonies wherein the couple's vows to each other are declared.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

In The Studio | My Tools

I sometimes get questions about my tools, most of all what knife I use. Here's a selection of my favorite go-to tools:

  • A self-healing mat is the most important. Never try to cut on another surface. I have two 36X24" mattes myself.
  • I draw sometimes on the iMac and sometimes on paper. For the iMac I use my Wacom Intuos 5 tablet, size A3. 
  • I copy my most popular designs a lot. To help, I use my favorite Artograph LightPad, size 17X24". 
  • The best pencil for tracing the design on the paper is Faber Castell H2, since the lead is very light and doesn't smear. It makes it super easy to erase later after I cut, with my Paper Mate's Tuff Stuff eraser stick. 
  • The scalpel handle I use is NT Cutter D400. It is cheap and works really well. I use the NT Cutter DB-100 blades (30 degrees) to cut. The 30 degrees is important, it really does cut better than the standard 45 degree blades. 
  • I save my blades in a pretty tin box I bought especially for that purpose. 
  • Lastly, to save my eyesight I use a magnifying glass with LED light. Works like a charm. 

What materials and tools I like are ones that work for me from what I could source for myself, and I definitely recommend that if you're interested in trying papercutting that you'll explore your local art supply shop for yourself to see what works for you.

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