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Saturday, February 8, 2014

DIY | Valentine decor

This year I decided to attempt at least one holiday-themed project for every holiday. It started with my holiday wreath, but I have to admit even though this is the first post-New Year's holiday I already don't think I'll make it. 

But I made myself a challenge so here it is: I decided to again decorate my apartment door with something to make whoever comes to my door smile. The fact that the door is steel makes it so easy. I just go to my dollar store drawer for supplies and pull something out.

For this quick hobby break I pulled out flocked and glitter hearts on sticks that I got from the local dollar store, magnets from the hobby shop, scissors and a glue gun. The whole thing took 5 minutes and 2 steps, easy-peasy weekend break for crafty kids:

1. I used the scissors to cut and pull away the hearts from the sticks. Tugging them out worked too, but you got to be careful because the hearts are cheap and can disintegrate pretty quickly.

2. I then put a glue dot with the glue gun on the magnets, and stuck each one to a heart.

Presto, super cute and velvety heart magnets! Great Valentine decor, seasonal-gifts (you can send a heart in a box to your friend!), and year-round fridge magnets! 


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