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I create papercut ketubot for private clients in the Nouveau Judaica style.

What is a ketubah, you ask? A KETUBAH is a decorative marriage covenant used and exhibited in Jewish, non-denominational and non-traditional weddings and commitment ceremonies wherein the couple's vows to each other are declared.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

rec | the most amazing instagram account

I never found Facebook and other social networks addicting. The closest I got was Livejournal, purely for the overwhelming creative fannish community on there (Lord of the Rings! Supernatural!) But now that I have Instagram, I think I finally get it. It's addictive! I keep checking for updates, beautiful photos from creatives that I follow, inspiration and gossip. My iphone tab was worth simply for that app.

Inspired by emmadime's Insta-Discoveries (thanks Emma, I found many new creatives to follow after from your posts!) I decided to recommend you my favorite new instagram account: @NATURE. The awe-inspiring photos the account publishes (collected from various sources, all with full credit) are a daily highlight.

IMAGES (CLOCK-WISE, FROM TOP LEFT)Ladybower Reservoir, England; Photography by ©Earthwatcher | Stunning Rice Terraces of Northeast of Vietnam; Photography by ©Sarawut Intarob | Somewhere in South Africa; Photography by ©Michael PolizaNice to meet you; Photography by ©Nikolai Zinoviev | Castle in Germany floating above the Clouds; Photography by ©Robin Holler | Deers in forest during autumn; Photography by ©Alex Saber

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