Monday, October 1, 2012

{Apartment peeks} Finally Hanged

It's no secret that I'm not a do-er. I plan, a lot. I talk the talk, but I don't walk the walk. Ergo, a lot of home projects are put on a list, and stay there. It took me over a year to hang up my picture shelf, and over two to put up all my framed art (and boy, was that a saga!). But I'm happy to share that after months of indecision, I finally drilled into my wall and put up my jewelry stand!

I never had a jewelry box or a proper place to keep, let alone display, my jewelry. I had a mishmash of ideas since first turning my thoughts to it last year. I even collected china cups in the hopes of superglueing a Mad Hatter-chic jewelry stand. In the end I decided I didn't have the desk space for a stand, so the next step was finding a good wall display. Clearly I put too much thought into it, because I was torn for months over pretty, pretty terrariums versus hanging ceramic bowls. Not to mention the absolute hell it was to get these awesome deer head hooks. But I won. 

Then I tried to photograph them. I mentioned I'm a terrible photographer, right? They look much better in real life, of course. Sharp, for one. 

Deer Head coat hook | Zoo | assorted online vendors
Scandinavian tiered plant hanger | AM Radio 
Jewelry | private collection


  1. Hello you :) perving on your gorgeous wall hangings and seeing how you are. I'm about to get my laptop back in about a days time- internet hooked up in my new (rented) house, but I have been living off my Android for months.

    My phone is crap at informing me as to whether I've successfully sent emails, though- so just wanted to check in here to see that you're OK? I haven't heard from you over on gmail and I had a quick peek over on Skype the other day to no avail... got me all worried.

    Also I'm slippery sliding into what I fear is another half-decade long LOTR phase (it was an accident!) and I need you!

    Speak soon!
    Lou xXx